Este casal largou seus empregos e embarcou em uma aventura ao redor do mundo, que terminou com uma proposta de casamento!


September 28, 2017 12:02 By Fabiosa

De vez em quando, todos sonhamos em esquecer nossa rotina diária e fazer uma aventura ao redor do mundo. Muitas pessoas desejam deixar seus empregos para viajar mundo afora. Afinal, o que pode ser mais fascinante do que explorar novos lugares, experimentar comidas exóticas, conhecer pessoas diferentes e conhecer novas culturas todos os dias? Provavelmente, isso só ficaria melhor compartilhando todas essas experiências incríveis com alguém que você ama.

Day Two.... "As we sat excitedly on the Boeing 787 and watched our movies, I noticed food being brought out on trays. I prepared to give my order to the stewardess before realizing they were the pre-ordered meals. The pre-ordered meals I didn’t pay for... Nothing to make you feel like a loser than watching meals be served to the people next to you that paid for them ahead of time. My stomach was growling and I immediately regretted not paying the $20 back in March for the hot meal. I then saw the dog-food-like-mush that was being handed to the rubes that ordered it and boomeranged back to how genius I was for NOT buying the meal. We both finished our movies and popped some Melatonin pills to enjoy deep sleep and strange dreams for the final three hours of our flight to Norway. Watching “Interstellar” on a plane over the Atlantic was probably not my best idea as each jolt of the plane sent me spiraling into black holes in my dream, screaming for Hathaway to save me." #notafraidofthefall

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Kyle James e sua namorada, Ashley Grigsby, estavam juntos há 3 anos quando decidiram fazer uma "loucura". Eles estavam realmente cansados de sua vida monótona e trabalhos chatos, até que, certo dia, o casal pensou que seria uma ótima ideia viajar e conhecer o mundo juntos. "Nós decidimos arriscar nosso futuro por um presente mais feliz agora", disse Kyle.

Reason #39 (Hope you're still with me!) to read Not Afraid of the Fall - Budgeting. If you can travel across the globe for months at a time without budgeting, congratulations. That sounds amazing. We, like most people, had to think about how much we were spending. We learned the hard way how to travel cheaply, so you don't have to. Places like Santorini, Greece above are tough to do on a tight budget but there are ways to cut your costs down drastically and have the same island experience as though spending $200 a night. After all, we all deserve to visit this cliff side marshmallow village in the Mediterranean.

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Eles deixaram seus empregos em 2015 e começaram sua aventura visitando a cidade mais romântica do mundo - Paris. A próxima parada do casal foi Itália e Grécia. Kyle e Ashley confessaram que sempre sonharam em visitar a Grécia, mas, como a maioria das pessoas, tinham medo de largar tudo e simplesmente seguir seus sonhos. Eles acreditavam que precisavam de mais dinheiro, mais tempo e mais experiência no trabalho antes de poderem mergulhar em uma aventura desse tipo.

Reason #42 to read Not Afraid of the Fall - Google Maps Monument Game. Now I can't give this one away just yet, but just know...this game brought us to this gorgeous piazza in Genoa, Italy.

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Em geral, Kyle e Ashley viajaram por 114 dias, visitaram 15 países e 38 cidades. Todos os dias, eles viram algo novo. Definitivamente, esta foi uma viagem incrível que deixou muitas lembranças inesquecíveis para toda a vida. Sair da zona de conforto e passar por momentos emocionantes tornou a relação dos dois ainda mais forte.

Day 9. "The Albert Heijn grocery store in downtown Antwerp was unusually packed for a Tuesday morning. I was perusing through labels of peppers in the produce aisle when a man passed behind me that quite literally smelled like a dumpster. I have smelled plenty of stinky people in my day but none as nicely dressed as this guy. He was wearing an expensive looking three piece suit, yet smelled like a fridge of vegetables and fish after a two week vacation. I figured it could not have been him that produced this smell, but after four grocery cart drive-by’s and ten fewer nostril hairs, my suspicions were confirmed. I grabbed some fruit, OJ and a couple of waffles and headed to the busy checkout line. As I patiently waited to purchase my groceries, the smell once again hit me and made me cringe, like the first burning ray of sunlight on a hungover morning. I didn’t need to turn around to know who was in line behind me. I started getting weird looks from the others in line and I looked back at them as if to say “I know guys, it's unbearable.” Then it dawned on me as I noticed myself in the reflection of the storefront window, I was wearing a tank top and gym shorts...They thought the smell was coming from me. I tried to create some space from him in the line to unveil the true culprit but as I inched forward, he quickly followed. This guy knew what he was doing, he found the most vulnerably dressed person in the grocery store and stayed as close as possible. I acted like I had just noticed the smell and turned to look at him in disgust but he just smiled back, knowing that I was guilty by attire association. In the mystery of the stench, his fresh suit trumped my gym clothes. As I paid the grocer, I pretended to stretch my arms and lifted them above my head, exposing my armpits. Everyone ducked and gasped as if I had just unveiled two dangerous weapons. I simultaneously exhaled and blew the smell of Dove Men’s Care into the crowd before exiting. I had cleared my pits of all charges and the look on the face of the suit-man was priceless. The stench case had been reopened and I hope the jury finds the right man guilty." #notafraidofthefall

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A experiência incrível não foi a única coisa que esse casal feliz tirou dessa jornada extraordinária. Sua aventura em torno do mundo foi concluída com uma proposta de casamento - é difícil imaginar algo mais romântico do que isso, não é mesmo? E é claro que Ashley disse "Sim"!

Agora, o lindo casal está planejando seu casamento e admite que quer continuar viajando e explorando o mundo em sua futura vida conjugal. Desejamos que vivam uma vida longa e feliz, cheia de emoções e alegria.